What’s New

Changelog and updates on The Locker Room


Performance Improvements and bug fixes Added support for customers in Croatia


Improvements and bug fixes Scripts to automatically update seller accounts Profile Setup Additional Documents functionality Improved Profile Setup & Checklist Accuracy with verification of seller… Read More »V2.1.1


Payment intents for subscriptions, products & tips. Dynamic 3d secure support for all transactions. Order creation for new subscriptions. Cancel subscriptions functionality added from either… Read More »V2.1.0


Updated homepage to display new Subscription items, removed products, who to follow and shops. Improved stylings and performance. Merged user by ID, user by username… Read More »V2.0.8


You can now tip a user a fixed or custom amount. Improved Orders to support tips. Improved Cart system. Seller can now delete any comment… Read More »V2.0.7


Implemented UK Seller accounts. Updated 404 page. Improved security and authentication session tokens. Increased HTTP request security, bot control and only allow https (encrypted requests)… Read More »V2.0.6


Improved styles on Profile. Improved form validation on Checkout. Added separate banner for the app version in package JSON. More style updates to follow amount… Read More »V2.0.5


Database Upgrade Videos and Photos belong to the same DB collection. Posts are lazy-loaded on Profile to improve performance. Profile and Seller Tabs are lazy-loaded… Read More »V2.0.4


Improved error handling on post and video upload. Improved photo aspect ratio on Post. Fixed error on Post upload. Upgraded database to handle more requests… Read More »V2.0.3


Improved checkout system. Improved photo loading and orientation on iOS. Fixed user profile link bug. Added Orders and Shops to Homepage with server-side pagination. Removed… Read More »V2.0.2