What’s New

Changelog and updates on The Locker Room


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  • Improvements and bug fixes
  • Scripts to automatically update seller accounts
  • Profile Setup Additional Documents functionality
  • Improved Profile Setup & Checklist Accuracy with verification of seller information
  • Added currently due list of requirements to Profile Setup
  • Updated ListPlan on Seller Dashboard and Improved it’s UI
  • Added The Locker Room Application fee % to each transaction detail information on List Transactions to be more transparent to sellers
  • Database Upgrade:
    • Increased Disk usage to 10GB
    • Disk IOPS 100.0
    • Max Connections allowed 1500
    • Encrypted Storage
    • Dynamic RAM which increases / decreases depending on traffic
    • 2 vCPUs


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  • Payment intents for subscriptions, products & tips.
  • Dynamic 3d secure support for all transactions.
  • Order creation for new subscriptions.
  • Cancel subscriptions functionality added from either order page or home page.
  • Scheduled unfollows integrated with stripes event web hooks.
  • Web hooks for payment confirmations.
  • Cron jobs to automatically run unfollow scripts.
  • Large UI updates improved performance, security & reliability.


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  • Updated homepage to display new Subscription items, removed products, who to follow and shops.
  • Improved stylings and performance.
  • Merged user by ID, user by username and user by old user name all into the one controller function.
  • Added active subscription to subscription items which tells the user their renewal date.
  • Subscriptions which are inactive on stripe are automatically checked from the server, and the user will be unfollowed if left inactive.
  • Tip User UI improved


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  • You can now tip a user a fixed or custom amount.
  • Improved Orders to support tips.
  • Improved Cart system.
  • Seller can now delete any comment on their post.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Bug fixing on Profile page.
  • Added seller balance to payout tab on seller dashboard.
  • Updated dependencies and improved security.


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  • Implemented UK Seller accounts.
  • Updated 404 page.
  • Improved security and authentication session tokens.
  • Increased HTTP request security, bot control and only allow https (encrypted requests) going forward.
  • Bug fixes on seller verification.
  • Improvements to email verification page.
  • Increased caching and performance.


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  • Improved styles on Profile.
  • Improved form validation on Checkout.
  • Added separate banner for the app version in package JSON.
  • More style updates to follow amount and Profile page.
  • Improved styles on Snacks.
  • Testing and implemented copy URL link on the profile page, and functionality associated with it.


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  • Database Upgrade
  • Videos and Photos belong to the same DB collection.
  • Posts are lazy-loaded on Profile to improve performance.
  • Profile and Seller Tabs are lazy-loaded to improve performance. Upload shop logo removed.
  • Code and unused component cleanup.
  • Improved Image display to automatically calculate an Aspect Ratio based on the size of the image, and the user’s device


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  • Improved error handling on post and video upload.
  • Improved photo aspect ratio on Post.
  • Fixed error on Post upload.
  • Upgraded database to handle more requests & data.
  • Added changelog page to thelockerroom.ie
  • Added additional formatting calculations to product images to automatically format and transform based on it’s container element.
  • Redirecting all HTTP connections to HTTPS on production for full level encryption.


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  • Improved checkout system.
  • Improved photo loading and orientation on iOS.
  • Fixed user profile link bug.
  • Added Orders and Shops to Homepage with server-side pagination.
  • Removed shop profile image and replaced with users profile image.
  • Added default fallback user avatar and fallbacks for all images