What’s New

Changelog and updates on The Locker Room


Updated WordPress Core & Various Plugins Updated Content on App landing page. Added a new dialog box to view more information (Click Icon Boxes on… Read More »V2.2.3


Fixed bug for UK seller accounts unable to add bank account


We have completely re-designed our Seller Onboarding system from the ground up, now providing a sleek easy to use the experience to become a verified… Read More »V2.2.1


Integrated a more secure authentication system. Added login with Google and Apple, which allows you to either create a new account with that email or… Read More »V2.2.0


Improved general flow and code commenting on server Implemented CSRF tokens on server endpoints Adapted frontend for CSRF implementation Fixed bug with Tip user system… Read More »V2.1.9

V2.1.7 & V2.1.8

Improved System Cron accuracy on targetting users with an expired subscription tokens Improved route security System updates & removing unused components / dependencies Improved authentication… Read More »V2.1.7 & V2.1.8


A Seller can now send an affiliate link to new users! That seller will receive 5% of any transactions made by a new seller who… Read More »V2.1.6


Extended user session period to 1 hour (previously 30 minutes) Session expired notice on homepage to inform user. Fixed bug with newsfeed posts displaying for… Read More »V2.1.5


Added automatic update to change seller’s email into account individual object and replace primary email with [email protected] Sellers who log in will automatically be updated… Read More »V2.1.4


Created new page for viewing streaming videos from users. Video page autoplay support. Video page related videos. Video page authentication checking and redirecting to login.… Read More »V2.1.3